Coevals about Komitas

Was he ideally a worker, ethnographer, scholar, or a composer? Even though Komitas appeared in the music world as an author of the Armenian songs’ arrangements, I persist that first of all he was a composer. His method was the only right way for a person to choose, who had an enormous zeal to reveal the harmonic and polyphonic style that were appropriate with their nature to the authentic Armenian folk song.


— Thomas Hartmann, composer

With in-depth penetration you presented us the eminent efficacy of the high and developed civilization entirely far from us, – surprisingly erudite presentation of everything that bears authentically exceptional significance for acknowledgement of the Western Ancient civilization, your perfect art of lecturing and singing – these are phenomena that could astonish us, and they stay alive in the memory of your audience.

— Max Seiffert, German musicologist
Մաքս Զայֆերտ

Your erudite and profound lectures helped us look deep into music that was obscure to us hitherto; music that could enlighten us – the Western civilization. You would provide inestimable service to modern science, if you publish your compositions; and I will be extremely happy, if I may support you in it.

— Oskar Fleischer, German musicologist