Grigor Arakelian-armenian viola

2 December 2017

“The Armenian Viola” international project roots back to March of 2017 within the framework of ARTCONCEPT OPUS(3) international musical festival Yerevan season under headline “Armenian-German Series”.
The world premiere of the project took place in Munich Music and Theatre high school hall, later it was presented in Berlin ATELIER SOLDINA.

The Armenian Viola is a unique musical instrument based on the synthesis of medieval Armenian and European baroque string instruments. It was created according to conception of outstanding viola performer, composer and conductor Grigor Arakelyan, who is the sole Armenian Viola player in the world.

In the result of cooperation within “Armenian-German Series” a number of Armenian and German composers got acquainted with the performing peculiarities and rich sound expression means of the Armenian Viola.

Specially for “Armenian Viola” international project the ARTCONCEPT required the composers included in the program to write compositions within 2017 concert session, which are presented within the framework of the project together with Grigor Arakelyan’s transcriptions of classical and traditional pieces.