Research on Komitas’s life and activity is conducted at the Research Center of Komitas Museum-Intsitute. A digital database consisting of materials related to Komitas and Armenian music is currently being compiled. The institute places importance on research related to historical and theoretical issues of the various branches and schools of Armenian medieval chant and folk music, all while remaining faithful to Komitas’s own academic approaches.
At present, the institute conducts research in the following fields:
a) Komitas’s archives
b) Komitas’s ethnographic legacy
c) The traditional songs of the Sasuntsi Davit (Davit of Sasoun) epic poem
d)Komitas’s musicological heritage
e) The eight-mode system of Armenian medieval chant, per the methodological principles of Komitas
f) The role of the eight-mode system in the traditions of Armenian medieval chant in Nor Jugha (now New Julfa) or for the Armenians of India, Venice, Constantinople (Armash) and Jerusalem
g) Study of Komitas’s manuscripts related to Armenian khaz notation system
h) Komitas’s compositional heritage,
i) The peculiarities of Komitas’s compositional style (melody, rhythm and meter, harmony, polyphony, texture, etc.).