Concert 5 “ Reflects”

10 May 2018

”Quarter Tone” NGO from 4 to 11 May for the second time presents the ”Crossroads 2018 contemporary music days in
Armenia”. Composer and singer Vahram Sarkissian (Canada), Swiss-based flutist Aram Hovhannisyan and Belgian-
Armenian pianist Laurence Mkhitaryan, with participation of Ani Karapetyan(violin), Mary Dolmazyan(viola) and Mikayel
Navasardyan(cello), will give a concert in Komitas Museum-Institute on 10 May In the frame of the festival.

Concert 5 “ Reflects”
Aram Hovhannisyan, flute | Ani Karapetyan, violin
Mary Dolmazyan, viola | Mikayel Navasardyan, cello
Laurence Mekhitarian, piano
featuring Vahram Sarkissian, voice

Artur Akshelyan (b.1984) – Sinous for violin, cello and piano (2015, AP)
Morton Feldman (1926-1987) – The viola in my Life III for viola and piano (1970)
Henri Pousseur (1929-2009) – Océan Papouindien for electronics (from “Paysages Planétaires”, 2000)
Vahram Sarkissian (b.1981) – Ad Voc for male voice and flute (2018)
Ruben Antonyan (b.1988) – Extension for violin, viola and cello (2016, WP)
Jean-Pierre Deleuze (b.1954) – Reflets for flute, cello and piano (2007, AP)

Entrance: 1000 AMD