Armenian Ceramic Art of Kütahya

20 December 2016

The Armenian ceramic art of Kütahya (sixteenth to early twentieth centuries) is distinguished by a unique and artistic originality and creativity. This industry flourished for over four centuries and today, Kütahya ceramics can be found in various international collections, both private and public.
The exhibition is aimed at raising awareness of the age-old craft of the Armenian ceramic art of Kütahya. The pottery presented in the exhibition comes from the collections of two public museums of Armenia (Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin and Memorial Complex of Sardarapat Battle – The National Museum of Armenian Ethnography and History of Liberation Struggle in the Armavir region) and the private collections of two families (Karakashian and Minassian).

Curator: Nairi Khatchadourian
Scientific editor: Dickran Kouymjian
Scientific adviser: Marine Haroyan
Designers: Sarhat Petrosyan, Nané Toumanian