Musicologist-medievalist, researcher at the Komitas Museum-Institute. She graduated from the Departments of Musicology and Composition of the Komitas State Conservatory of Yerevan. Misakyan is the author of numerous articles and a participant of international conferences. She is also engaged in teaching. The scope of her scientific studies focuses on a range of problems related to Armenian sacred music, particularly the Ut‘jayn (Armenian eight-mode) system. Interconnection issues between Armenian sacred and composition music are also within N. Misakyan’s research interests.


This paper is dedicated to the analysis of the šarakans of the Second Mode of the Armash tradition of Armenian Sacred chant. We have discovered their characteristics, observed their temps, melodic styles and patterns. The main part of this study consists of comparative analysis of the šarakans of Armash tradition with other chants presenting Armenian sacred music. During my research I have found similar intonations between melodic patterns of šarakans and Dies Irae sequence. In this context we have brought forward the following problems of both singing traditions relating to:
a) The period of their creation
b) Regularity of melodic pattern development in melodic structure
c) Melody styles and other musical component specifics.