Artistic Director and Principal Conductor: Sarine Avtandilyan

The “Speghani” choir was founded in 1996. The artistic director and conductor of the choir is Sarine Avtandilyan, Honorary Worker of Culture of Armenia. “Speghani” choir is constantly implementing new ideas and projects with its significant contribution to the development of contemporary choral art.
The choir has had concert tours in Armenia, Artsakh, Russia, Libanon, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania and taken part in many international festivals and got a laureate title. Among other choirs arrived from different countries of the world the “Speghani” choir has won the first prize in the following nominations: “Spiritual music”, “National music” and a special prize awarded by the jury for “Contemporary music” nomination for the best performance of the compulsory program in the international choral competition held in Saint Peterburg in 2010. In 2015 at the prestigious Contest Music Festival in Florence, the choir has won two nominations for the first prizes: “Ancient music” and “Homogenous choir” and special prizes for “The best performance of the Italian composer’s work of the Renaissance period” and “Best constume outfit”.
One of the achievements of the choirs is the recording of Komitas’s Divine Liturgy including the parts for priests and deacons.