31 July 2023

“The books and properties of Komitas Vardapet should not be sold, but should be kept, so that one day those are housed in the National Museum of Yerevan, in a room or museum section that will be undoubtedly allocated to Komitas”, – said Archag Tchobanian.
Komitas’s contemporaries note that whenever he would go, he would definitely visit local bookshops and music score kiosks to enrich his library with new publications. Komitas Vardapet’s inclusive personal library is a rich and diverse collection of monographies, periodicals, music scores, textbooks, song collections, musicological, fiction and other books. The Library was transferred to Armenian in 1933 and is preserved at the Yeghshe Charents Museum of Literature and Arts.
This joint bilingual publication by Komitas Museum-Institute and Yeghshe Charents Museum of Literature and Arts represents the books of Komitas’s personal library, divided by genres. We also draw attention to the books containing Komitas’s handwritten notes.
The book was published in 2022, implemented by Marine Haroyan, Lilit Harutyunyan, Ani Musheghyan, Nane Misakyan and Daniel Yerazhisht. It can be found in the bookshop of Komitas Museum-Institute