Harutyun Topikyan

conductor. The artistic work of Topikyan goes back to 1979 when he conducted the Chamber Choir of the State Radio and TV of Armenia. In 1982 Topikyan was awarded the “Leninyan Komeritmiutyan” State Award. During 1983-1991 Topikyan conducted the Komitas Choir of the Yerevan State University, having numerous successful performances internationally: the “Grand Prix” from the International Choir Music Competition “UVENTUS” in Kaunas/Lithuania awarded to the Komitas Choir in 1987 is one of them. In 1991 Harutyun Topikyan became one of the organizers of the East-West United Song Festival “Bridges of song Tallin-91” (Estonia), where he conducted a 20000-singers choir performing the “Patriarchal Ode”. During 1991-1994 Topikyan reorganized and conducted the Gusan Choir funded by Baresegh Kanachyan in Beirut, Lebanon raising the performing mastery of the Choir to a new standard. In recognition of his significant contribution to art and culture, Topikyan was repeatedly granted with state awards: the Medal of Appreciation from the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, two Gold Medals from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, and the Yerevan Medal from Yerevan Municipality. In 2013 Topikyan was awarded with the title of “Honored Worker of Art” of the Republic of Armenia.